McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd. was established by Mr. Rod McDaniel in 1955 as an independent Canadian consulting firm and has been providing oil and gas reserves evaluation services to the world's petroleum industry for the past 60 years. We have internationally recognized expertise in reserves evaluations, resource assessments, geological studies, and acquisition and disposition advisory services.

With a staff of over 45 professionals and technical support personnel, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. McDaniel & Associates has earned a reputation for consistent and reliable oil and gas consulting services. This reputation has been built by adhering to the highest professional, technical and ethical standards. McDaniel & Associates strives to provide technical and financial services that do not just satisfy corporate reporting requirements, but also add value by complementing our client's in-house resources.

Through our consistently prepared evaluations and professional dedication to our clients, McDaniel & Associates enjoys the confidence of the world’s leading private and public companies. We are proud to be recognized by many of the largest financial institutions as one of the most reliable oil and gas consultants worldwide and are committed to maintaining our excellent professional reputation.


Phil Welch P.Eng.

President & Managing Director

Brian Hamm P.Eng.

Executive Vice President

Cam Boulton P.Eng.

Vice President

Chris Kowalski P.Eng.

Vice President

Ron Ott P.Geol.

Vice President

Michael Verney P.Eng.

Vice President

Bryan Wurster P.Eng.

Vice President

Jared Wynveen P.Eng.

Vice President

Steven Carmichael P.Eng.


Andrew Dabisza P.Eng.


David Jenkinson P.Geol.


David Ng P.Eng.


Anatoli Tchernavskikh Ph.D. (Geology), P.Geol.

Manager, International Geology


McDaniel & Associates has been involved with the United Way of Calgary and Area Campaign for over 20 years. Staff and management provide financial support and have participated on several boards and committees. Our employees have been recognized with the Spirits of Gold award for their high level of participation and fundraising efforts.

McDaniel & Associates is active in the community and has provided support to over thirty charitable organizations over the past several decades including the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre, Calgary Health Trust, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Refrew Educational Services, Woods Home Foundation, and YWCA of Calgary. We have also been involved with Spruce Meadows, the University of Calgary and several local hockey teams throughout the city. We are also proud to support the arts by partnering with Vertigo Theatre, allowing them to explore, innovate and create winning theatre for the Calgary community.